In the cellar

Innovation at the service of tradition

With its leading-edge equipment and its ancestral know-how, Champagne Baron Albert House is resolutely forward-looking. It intends to constantly improve the quality of its Champagnes but also the comfort of its employees.

This improvement includes in particular:

  • A manual harvesting with a precise and regular ripeness monitoring.
  • The House Baron Albert has an automatic loading system for the pressing with 5 pneumatic wine presses certified for quality and equipped of an automatic juice selection system.
  • A fully thermo-regulated winery with a capacity of 11 000 hectoliters.
  • A careful vinification by grape variety, "Cuvée" or "Taille" (juice types), Villages and Localities. Each Champagne is vinified differently according to what it will become.
  • A vinification in vats, tuns, half-hogsheads or oak barrels.
  • The least possible interventions on wines in order to respect the typicality of their terroir.
  • A rigorous follow-up of winemaking with frequent tastings, from the press to the blend.
  • Prior to the disgorging, the dosage liquors, elaborated by Aline and Lise, are tested on each Cuvée.
  • An automatic labeling line speeds up orders preparation while enhancing comfort for the employees.